After seven years of taking writer course and working with  major writer and publisher, I  am an excellent content/line editor/author/publisher and writer. I know the market and I know what sells.


I am extremely detail-oriented and follow the Chicago Manual of Style format and much more. Companies and individuals are welcome to contact me about hourly rates for as-needed projects.I edited mysteries, literary fiction, romance, thrillers, nonfiction (business, political, and memoirs), and almost everything else under the sun. At  Clement Books, a division of St. Angels Publisher, I was the women’s fiction editor and writer for the emerging writer but I also edited many other categories. As an avid book lover, I’ve had my dream job for eight years now, as a freelance editor/writer/author/publisher working directly with writers in order to improve their work for publishing. We are the go to representative and publisher for your book.  True success is doing what you love.